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Root treatments

A root treatment is normally needed when infection and bacteria have reached the inner central part of a tooth.

The procedure involves removal of all infected material from the tooth, sterilising the inner part of the tooth and then filling this central canal.

It is a painless procedure where patients are made numb similar to having a filling. Because of the very precise work involved it takes a lot longer than a normal filling, about 1-2 hrs on average.

Advanced Technology

Root treatments allow you to save a tooth that would otherwise have to be taken out and allow you to maintain your appearance and chewing ability.

Root treatments are one area of dentistry in particular where there have been some huge advances in technology and techniques and here at Claremorrisdental we use cutting edge technology such as high-powered magnification and digital x-rays along with all the latest techniques to achieve the best possible result for your tooth.

What People Say

"I was amazed that I felt no discomfort while Paul was fixing my teeth"

Patrick Grogan, Moate, Ballyhaunis

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